Surdex, a Bowman company owns fourteen large- and medium-format digital sensors, including four Leica ADS100 Airborne Digital Sensors, three Leica DMC-1 digital mapping cameras, a Leica RCD30 system, and three Optech Galaxy Prime lidar sensors.

Leica ADS100 Airborne Digital Sensor

Surdex, a Bowman company oADS100_twns five Leica ADS100 Airborne Digital Sensor, one of the industry’s premier sensors, offering numerous benefits. The ADS100 has exceptionally crisp with vivid color derived from full red, green, blue, near infrared linear arrays at the nadir, forward, and back positions. In addition to having one of the widest swaths on the market, the ADS100’s acquisition process reduces and simplifies the production effort and reduces seamlines, resulting in reduced processing time and the corresponding QC time.

Leica DMC-1 Digital Mapping Camera

Surdex, a Bowman company has owned and operated its three DMC-1s since 2005. Over a million exposures have been acquired and processed at resolutions ranging from 3” to one meter. Each DMC contains eight individual cameras using off-the-shelf matrix CCDs. This includes four divergent panchromatic cameras and four multispectral cameras: (red (R), green (G), blue (B), near infra-red (NIR). Like other large-format digital cameras, the DMC uses Time-Delayed Integration (TDI) for forward motion compensation.

Optech Galaxy Prime Lidar Sensor

GalaxyPrimeSurdex, a Bowman company owns three Optech Galaxy Prime Lidar sensors, one of the most advanced and efficient sensors available today. It uses innovative Lidar technology enhancements and incorporated flight and calibration software that significantly increases sensor performance, collection efficiency, improved data quality, and greatly simplifies the collection process.

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