Terrestrial Lidar

Terrestrial LiDAR_3tAlso referred to as ground-based lidar, this innovative technology allows for the collection of spatial data on a site, structure or object rapidly and remotely. The information from a 3-D scan provides extremely accurate (6mm at 50 meters, 2mm modeled) data in various point cloud formats (PTS, LAS, TXT, CSV, etc.)  that can easily be modeled, geo-referenced and extracted to create contours, TINs, change detection scenarios, etc. Our team owns three distinct terrestrial scanners:

  • Leica C10 for general surveying
  • HDS 7100 for phase based indoor scanning
  • P20 Hybrid scanner for the density of a phase scanner and the distance of a pulse based scanner

Digital Sample

Terrestrial Scanning Applications

  • Site and engineering surveys
  • Accurate as-builts
  • Detailed intersection surveys for traffic studies
  • Volume and area calculations
  • Topographic surveys
  • Fabrication and construction inspection
  • Quantity surveys
  • Change detection
  • Conceptual design checking
  • Historical and legal archive
  • Real-world 3-D modeling and visualization
  • Forensic documentation
  • Highly accurate DTM’s for hydroplaning analysis
  • BIM modeling