Surdex Resources

Surdex Corporation is an S-Corp. headquartered in the State of Missouri and has been in continuous operation under the same ownership for 60 years; for this project we will perform the aerial acquisition (imagery and LiDAR) and production of digital orthoimagery / LiDAR without the use of subcontractors so as to fully control all resources and priorities to meet schedule, quality, and accuracy expectations.

  • Aircraft: a fleet of ten specialized acquisition aircraft
  • Sensors: large- and medium-format digital sensors, including four Leica ADS100 Airborne Digital Sensors, three Leica DMC Digital Mapping Cameras, and a Leica ALS70 Airborne Laser Scanner LiDAR sensor
  • Staff: a staff of 90 highly experienced technical staff with capacity do undertake even the largest projects (such as acquiring and processing orthoimagery of the entire state of Texas in 2014)